Delcita Online: Father’s Day Special


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18 reviews for Delcita Online: Father’s Day Special

  1. Stacey Gongasingh


  2. Tamara Myers

    Delcita always have the best shows

  3. Rosemarie Dunn

    Very good

  4. Nikeisha

    Cant wait

  5. Nikki

    Ready and waiting

  6. Nikki


  7. Joan3258 (verified owner)

    Waiting patiently

  8. Celeste Whyte (verified owner)

    Waiting to see this play

  9. Janice Brown (verified owner)

    what time will this play start

  10. Virginia Hanna (verified owner)

    Still waiting anxiously

  11. Carren Mullings (verified owner)

    Is there a repeat time for this event or is it just one showing? the original circulated email gave no time.


      Hi you can now watch the video on demand at your leisure.

  12. Marlon Fearon (verified owner)

    What’s the problem with the schedule event ? No way for someone to communicate with us ?


      The video is now available for watch on demand

  13. Marc (verified owner)

    I hope to see the recorded version. I respect getting an email explaining the security issues.

  14. Carren Mullings (verified owner)

    Watched … the video appeared under my videos after about 10 minutes. Had a good laugh, parents enjoyed.

  15. Shernah Ricketts (verified owner)

    DELCITA no one Cah top u yuh funny bad πŸ™πŸ™Œ

  16. Denise Anderson-spence (verified owner)

    I waited, waited and waited and still was not able to see this show. So, I just lost $21.00 dollars like that?



      Hi, the show is now available for video on demand. You can watch anytime for the next 72 hours!


      The play is available for video on demand

  17. Karlene Cole (verified owner)

    How can I see this show that I have buy my ticket for


      Hi, please check your spam/email for login details once your payment was successful. Login navigate to videos and click play!

  18. Atecia Robinson (verified owner)

    I enjoy but it internet was bad half of the show freeze

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